Final Indoor game win

The VP's 21/22 Indoor programme came to a close on Sunday with a 100-75 win against the Bucks County Vice Presidents at Foxhill IBC, Aylesbury.

The halfway tea and biscuit break saw the sides level at 45 shots each, however, we obviously chose the right biscuits as a 15 shot lead had ben created after the first couple of end in the second half.

Newcomer to the VP's David Lattimore skipped the rink of Bill Pointer, Roger Oliver and Percy Hickman to a 6 shot win,  20-14 after a being behind until the twelfth end.

Nextdoor on rink 2 Bill Jarvie, Ian Whelpton, Paul McGrath and skip Michael Morris took thirteen ends to get their noses in front, then won five of the remaining ends for a 21-15 victory.

The middle rink of Roy Radband, John Stephens, Chris Weller and Michael Andrew did the exact opposite of the other four rinks. From leading 13-11 at the two thirds mark, they could only collect a single over the last seven ends to finally lose 14-22.

Gerald Fountain, John McGeough, Alan Rowe and Alex Fleming were the exact opposite of their next rink neighbours, managing to move into the lead on the thirteen end and then taking five of the remaining eight ends to close on 24-14 and a chance of the highest winning rink.

Bernie May, Tim Cox, Brian Clarke "playing his first VP game" and Nigel Satchell led from the first end in their game, winning 13 ends on their way to a 21-10 highest winning rink.c

The after-match meal of Lasagne, mixed salad and Garlic bread, yes garlic bread, followed by a very tasty sweet was only surpassed by the raffle, when the first five of the six prizes were collected by Oxfordshire bowlers.

We look forward to the start of our 2022 outdoor programme on Sunday May 15 when we will visit Frampton-on-Severn BC for our game against Gloucestershire VP's. Our 2020 and 2021 fixture at this venue was victim of Covid 19 so fingers are crossed for this year.

Farewell 2021

After the wipeout of 2020, the Vice Presidents closed their 2021 programme with a whiteout as they had a convincing win against the Northamptonshire VP's on the Oxford City & County indoor carpet, with snow falling outside.

Chairman Allan Hunt followed by Ian Whelpton, Tim Cox and with Alex Fleming at skip took control of their game with a five on the thirteenth end to move into a ten shot lead before a spirited comeback by their opponents who took five of the last six ends and made the scoreline look more acceptable, but they were still seven shots adrift as Fleming's rink finished with a 21-14 win.

John Dunne, John McGeough, Chris Weller and Alan Rowe started slowly being 2-9 down after 9 ends but then won five of the next seven ends to tie the game at 12 each after sixteen. Over the last five ends they could only pick up three shots to the oppositions seven, finally losing out on 15-19.  

The rink of Bob Foster, Roger Oliver, Chris Cox and Brian Ray started with four singles for and two against before dropping a five. A two and a single brought them level at seven all after nine ends before the Northants rink picked up eight shots in six ends with another six ends to play. The eight shots pick up by Ray's foursome from four of the last six ends was not quite enough as two lost singles left them 15-17 adrift at the close.

Rink 5, Gerald Fountain, Tony Smith, Paul McGrath and Michael Morris and Rink 6, Roy Radband, Nigel Satchell,        Bernie May and John Hurren battled it out for the highest winning rink. After six ends, rink 5 led 8-0 and rink 6 were leading 14-0 which included a 6. Seven ends later, Morris's rink had picked up two fives but lost three 3's and two singles to lead by seven, whilst Hurren's foursome collected three shots and dropped eight, but held pole position, just. Rink 6 then moved up a gear, picking up eleven shots to one against over the next seven ends to go into the last end 19 shots up at 28-9. Meanwhile Morris's foursome on the rink nextdoor also won six of the next seven ends including a 7 on the 19th leaving them 22 shots up with one end left to play. Hamilton and Verstappen don't know what excitement is! and there was a Chairmans pen hanging on this last end.

Rink 5 five lose 1 shot and win by 21 shots on 34-13. Rink 6 pick up a brace and finish on 30-9, 21 up. It's a stewards enquiry, all down to countback on ends won. Rink 5 fourteen ends, Rink 6 fifteen ends, Radband, Satchell, May and Hurren had won the pens.

If only television had been there to record it all, three hours and 21 ends of sheer nail-biting excitement.

After the game both players and their guests were treated to a hot and tasty meal by the clubs new chef.

The snow on the ground reminding everyone that Christmas was just around the corner.


Leicester C&D Parks

Sundays fixture away to Leicester City & District Parks BA at Leicester Indoor bowls club saw the VP's return home with a 3 rinks to 2 win with a 95 - 73 scoreline.

With last years fixture being a victim to Covid it was good to be back to the welcoming Leicester club, the fast green and the superb catering.

A 27-9 highest winning rink from John Dunne,Tim Cox, Alan Rowe and Michael Morris led the charge for Oxfordshire, followed by Chairman Allan Hunt leading for the Chipping Norton indoor trio of Tony Smith, Percy Hickman and John Hurren, who after dropping a five on the fourth end collected one themselves on their way to a 26-15 win.

Bob Foster, Paul McGrath, Brian Ray and Alex Fleming were the VP's third winning rink, taking fourteen ends for a ten shot 21-11 win.

The two outside rinks saw Oxfordshire on the losing end in both games. Gerald Fountain, Roger Oliver, John McGeough and Mick Andrew, 9-5 up after ten ends dropped two fours and a two which put the Leicester foursome six shots up. The Oxfordshire foursome finished on a 13-20 scoreline.

At the other end of the green, Pat Ray, Ian Whelpton, Bernie May and Chris Cox closed the tenth end of their close game one shot down at 6-7, then dropped a single on each of the next five ends before a two brought them back to within two shots of their opponents. With the time limit only allowing another two ends to be played and the game looking to be in the bag, the Oxfordshire four became distracted by the welcoming aroma of the awaiting aftermatch meal, allowing the City & Parks rink to pick up a couple of triples to become their sides highest winning rink on 18-8.

We now move on to welcoming Northamptonshire Vice Presidents to Oxford City & County IBC next Sunday.


At least we beat the weather.

The weather was the only thing we managed to beat when we played Swindon & District BA. at Highworth BC on Sunday July 3rd.

As we arrived the mowing was being finished and the green looked a picture. The clouds looked ominous.

Roy Radband, John Timms, John McGeough and Alex Fleming provided us with our only winning rink on the day having been behind all through the game until their third triple of the game on the last end leap-frogged them to a 19-17 victory.

The best of the four losing rinks, Bill Pointer, Pat Ray, Percy Hickman and Mick Morris managed to win ten ends, eight of which were singles. A flurry of seven shots over the last three ends doubled their score for a more respectable scoreline of 14-21.

Chairman Allan Hunt, Bill Jarvie, Bernie May and Mike Andrew spent most of their game between five and eight shots behind, finally ending up ten shots adrift on 11-21.

John Dunne, Ron Havard, Ian Whelpton and Brian Ray picked up a five on the 5th end and lead 8-5 three ends later before losing the next seven ends to drop behind 8-19. Six shots to Swindon's seven over the remaining six ends left them twelve shots adrift at 14-26.

Bob Foster, John Stephens, Nigel Satchell and Alan Rowe took on the strong man roll winning only seven ends, including a five and closing the eleventh end five shots down. The second half of the game saw them collect five shots as their opponents, with the help of a 5,4 and 3 took six of the last ten ends for a 30-14 win.

The threatening rain had kindly held off until the game finished, which was a win for everyone.

Thank you Wellingborough

Last Sunday's game against Northamptonshire VP's was hosted by the Wellingborough Bowls Club and our thanks go out to them for providing such a good welcome in what was the first game that they have hosted this season. Their hospitality along with the very good bowling surface were first class.

Chairman Allan Hunt at lead, followed by John Stephens, John Hurren and guest player Jack Lafford at skip, led the VP's to a 98 - 84 win, with their 35-9 rink win, which included a seven on the ninth end (no one owned up to the missing eigth wood). 

Roger Oliver, Ron Havard, Nigel Satchell and Chris Cox took eleven of the 21 ends in their game to return a 23-16 scoreline, with a five on the twelfth end having a major influence on their seven shot win.

Gerald Fountain, Tony Smith (who joined the association after the game), Alex Fleming with Alan Wase bringing up the rear just lost out on the last end after having lead for the first seventeen ends. Northants drew level on the eighteenth and after a single each the game entered the last end all square. The hosts picked up a brace to go in front for the first time in the match. to win 15-13

Percy Hickman, John Timms, John McGeough and Mike Andrew were chasing the game up until the fifteenth end when they took the lead 13-12. However, a pair of singles and a prial of three's over the next five ends saw the Northants rink go into the last end 10 shots up before Oxfordshire collected a two, eventually losing 15-23.

Bernie May, Bob Foster, Ian Whelpton and Mick Morris had a much closer game than their losing 12-21 scoreline showed. A four on the third end was the highest end score of the game but the could only muster another 8 shots over 5 winning ends in a game that between the two teams had twelve singles on the scorecard.

All being well, the two Asociations will meet to do battle again in their indoor fixture in November.


A pleasant day in the Sun

It was great to be back at Banbury Chestnut's on Sunday for our  game against Warwickshire VP's. The green was how we remembered it from before our enforced break away from the game, providing a surface enjoyable to bowls on.

Before the start of the match, we were treated to a fly past by the Red Arrows. If it's good enough for the G7 folks it's good enough for the VP's.

All five rinks recorded a win adding up to a match scoreline of 119-62 in Oxfordshire's favour.

Gerald Fountain, Roger Oliver, John McGeough and Alan Wase (on his own green), overwhelmed their opponents and comfortably taking the highest rink prizes, winning 16 of the 21 ends in their 34-7 win.

Chairman Allan Hunt leading from the front and followed by Ron Havard, Alex Fleming and skip Chis Weller shared the first 12 ends of their game, 6 ends each and seven shots each before taking seven of the remaining nine ends, collecting 15 shots to their oppositions three for a 22-10 win.

Four three's in their eleven winning ends were a major part of Ian Hale, Bob Foster, Alan Rowe and Mike Andrew's 20-13 success. From the seventh end they maintained their four shot buffer, then finishing with a three on the last end.

Both of the outside rinks had three shot wins and both winning twelve of the 21 ends played. John Dunne, Bill Pointer, Brian Ray and Mick Morris were level 8-8 after nine ends, then a four on the thirteenth opened up a three shot lead which had grown to seven with two to play. After dropping a three and a one they had maintained their three shot cushion closing on 20-17.

John Duncan, Nigel Satchell, Ian Whelpton and Chris Cox saw their 5-0 lead after four ends disappear with a dropped five on the next end. They collected a five on the tenth and after fifteen ends the game was all square at 16 each. A four at the next end swung the game in their favour with three singles from the last five ends being enough for a 23-20 win.

Thanks go out to the Chestnuts members who organised the after-match seating arrangements very well to comply with the current rulings and the very welcome meal. A special thanks to the young lady who single handed provided a waitress service throughout the game.

An enjoyable day for one and all and as one of the Warwickshire bowlers commented, 'how nice to get back to a proper game of bowls followed by a meal rather than, turn up, bowl and go home'.

Hopefully, normality is not too far away.


At last - we're back on the green.

After such a long time away from bowls it was a happy reunion for the Vice Presidents on Sunday when we met up at the Chess Vale club to be met by an all weather green, for our annual outdoor fixture against the Bucks County Vice Presidents. 

The green may be all weather but with the rain that was forecast it was to be seen whether or not the bowlers could withstand the predicted downpours. Thankfully, a strong wind kept the precipitation at bay, though the cold temperature curtailed the game to 18 ends and the rain waited until our journeys back home.

Bernie May,Nigel Satchell, John McGeough and Mike Andrew led the charge with an eleven shot win 21-10 after winning 12 of the 18 ends.

Roger Oliver, Deputy Chairman Eddie Dorling (deputising for Chairman Allan Hunt), Alan Ley and Mike Petersen, trailing  7-10 at the halfway mark took the second half of their game 14-3 to record an eight shot win.

Bob Foster, Ian Whelpton, Alan Wase and Chris Weller finished the tenth end 4-12 down, before changeing the jack to a longer length and taking seven of the remaining ends to win by one shot at 14-13

Bill Pointer, Alex Fleming, Mick Morris and Chris Cox were level at 5 all after 8 ends before losing the next 6 ends to go 9 down. They shared the last four ends but ended with a ten shot deficit at 9-19.

Overall, the new campaign started with a 65-55 win.

Observing the social distancing ruling, the players and a couple of guests were spread between the clubhouse and outside marquee where they were waited on and treated to a very welcome warm meal by lady members of the club.


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Monday, 16th of May 2022
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