Stratford-upon-Avon Bowling Club hosted today's Vice Presidents game against Warwickshire Vice Presidents and we didn't let Stratford's reputation for drama down.

With 16 ends played on each rink, Chris Weller's foursome 22 shots ahead and the other four rinks 2 shots down overall, the VP's winning run looked certain to continue. Then with two rinks left with one remaining end each, Chairman Chris Cox's rink had stage fright, leaving him eight down with one wood left. The supporting wives held their breath, looks of anguish, nails being bitten, eyes covered by sweating palms as he delivered his last armament. Lo and behold, it crashed into one of the short woods. Was his rink about to suffer the embarrasment of dropping a full house and possibly bringing the winning run to a sudden halt? 

Well, luckily it hit an Oxfordshire wood which rolled in for seventh place, so they only dropped a six and the wives hadn't been watching at all, they were discussing their shopping trip in Stratford. A dropped two on the remaining rink left Oxfordshire still two in front and the winning run still intact.

After all the excitment, a drink in the lounge was followed by a memorable and unforgetable vegetarian after-match meal.

Rink scores were:

Doug Woodward, Tony Backer-Holst, Alex Fleming and Alan Wase 15-17

Percy Hickman, Bill Pointer, Alan Rowe and Mike Petersen 14-22

Ian Hale, Bob Foster, Ian Whelpton and Chris Cox 11-19

Paul McGrath, Ron Havard, Bill Jarvie and Mike Andrew 20-16

Allan Hunt, John Timms, Nigel Satchell and Chris Weller 34-18

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Monday, 1st of June 2020
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