The bubble of wins has burst, or should I say exploded, at last.

After a run of 42 straight wins, the last time we lost was in August 2015, a loss has finally been recorded, and what a loss it was against a revived Swindon & District BA side.

John Duncan, Bill Pointer, Nigel Satchell and Mike Andrew made the best offort, leading 11-5 after 8 ends and reaching the half way mark 13-11 before the wheels came off resulting in them only picking up another two singles and going down 15-24.

Doug Woodward, John Stephens, John Timms and Ian Whelpton lost six of the first nine ends to trail 5-17 and were even further behind at 7-22 after 13. Twelve shots including a 6 over the last eight ends to their opponents seven made the scoreline look more presentable at 19-29.

Vice Chairman Allan Hunt leading for Dennis Roberts, John McGeough and home club player Mike Petersen made a comeback from 1-12 down after 7 ends to come within 2 shots of the opposition, 14-16 after 17 ends only to lose 9 shots over the last 4 ends, going down 14-25.

Gerald Fountain, Bob Foster, John Hurren and Alan Rowe had a great first eleven ends, trailing by one shot at 8-9, but then dropped a 4 and 6 on consecutive ends to see their challenge go the same way as Oxfordshire's other rinks, finally losing 12-26.

The last of the Vice Presidents rinks, John Dunne, Ron Havard, Paul McGrath and Mike Morris struggled throughout their game managing to win on only 6 ends to lose 9-27.

So now we will have to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down and start all over again.

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Monday, 1st of June 2020
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