Sunday's visit to Leicester IBC for our annual indoor game against Leicester City & District Parks BA proved to be as enjoyable as ever, friendly opponents, a welcoming club and the usual enjoyable food and hospitality.

For one or two of the Oxfordshire lads it was there first visit to the club and in addition to the above, they returned home with a successful days bowling to remember.

Allan Hunt, Bob Foster, Bernie May and skip Mick Morris took no prisoners on rink 1, winning sixteen of the twenty one ends, closing the game with a seven to take the highest winning rink prize 37-14.

Their next-door neighbours, Alan Rowe, John Stephens, Ian Whelpton and Alan Wase took six of the first ten ends but due to a dropped five only led by two shots. Only a tied end on the seventeenth stopped them taking the next eight ends, opening up a twelve shot lead. The last three ends were too much for the Senior foursome as they dropped four shots for a 23-15 result.

From 1-6 down after six ends, Steve Tolhurst, Bill Jarvie, Alex Fleming and John Hurren collected twenty three shots without reply over the next seven ends. The remaining eight ends were shared four each with Hurrens team outscoring their opposition 9-8, winning by nineteen shots on 33-14.

Chairman Chris Cox with Doug Woodward, John Timms and Peter Latter in front of him suddenly, with only five ends left to play and leading 20-9, realised that he was taking the host chairman's hospitality a little too far and got his front end to pull in the reins.

John Duncan, Ron Havard, John McGeough and Mike Andrew didn't seem to know whether to win, draw or lose. From 0-3 after three they moved to a commanding 13-3 after eight. Five ends later saw them a shot down at 15-16 before they then decided that a win would be the better result, taking six of the last eight ends and joining the other three winning rinks with a 25-18 victory.

The last game of 2019 is the visit of Northamptonshire VP's to Oxford City & County IBC on December 1st.

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Friday, 18th of June 2021
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