The weather was the only thing we managed to beat when we played Swindon & District BA. at Highworth BC on Sunday July 3rd.

As we arrived the mowing was being finished and the green looked a picture. The clouds looked ominous.

Roy Radband, John Timms, John McGeough and Alex Fleming provided us with our only winning rink on the day having been behind all through the game until their third triple of the game on the last end leap-frogged them to a 19-17 victory.

The best of the four losing rinks, Bill Pointer, Pat Ray, Percy Hickman and Mick Morris managed to win ten ends, eight of which were singles. A flurry of seven shots over the last three ends doubled their score for a more respectable scoreline of 14-21.

Chairman Allan Hunt, Bill Jarvie, Bernie May and Mike Andrew spent most of their game between five and eight shots behind, finally ending up ten shots adrift on 11-21.

John Dunne, Ron Havard, Ian Whelpton and Brian Ray picked up a five on the 5th end and lead 8-5 three ends later before losing the next seven ends to drop behind 8-19. Six shots to Swindon's seven over the remaining six ends left them twelve shots adrift at 14-26.

Bob Foster, John Stephens, Nigel Satchell and Alan Rowe took on the strong man roll winning only seven ends, including a five and closing the eleventh end five shots down. The second half of the game saw them collect five shots as their opponents, with the help of a 5,4 and 3 took six of the last ten ends for a 30-14 win.

The threatening rain had kindly held off until the game finished, which was a win for everyone.

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Wednesday, 10th of August 2022
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