After the wipeout of 2020, the Vice Presidents closed their 2021 programme with a whiteout as they had a convincing win against the Northamptonshire VP's on the Oxford City & County indoor carpet, with snow falling outside.

Chairman Allan Hunt followed by Ian Whelpton, Tim Cox and with Alex Fleming at skip took control of their game with a five on the thirteenth end to move into a ten shot lead before a spirited comeback by their opponents who took five of the last six ends and made the scoreline look more acceptable, but they were still seven shots adrift as Fleming's rink finished with a 21-14 win.

John Dunne, John McGeough, Chris Weller and Alan Rowe started slowly being 2-9 down after 9 ends but then won five of the next seven ends to tie the game at 12 each after sixteen. Over the last five ends they could only pick up three shots to the oppositions seven, finally losing out on 15-19.  

The rink of Bob Foster, Roger Oliver, Chris Cox and Brian Ray started with four singles for and two against before dropping a five. A two and a single brought them level at seven all after nine ends before the Northants rink picked up eight shots in six ends with another six ends to play. The eight shots pick up by Ray's foursome from four of the last six ends was not quite enough as two lost singles left them 15-17 adrift at the close.

Rink 5, Gerald Fountain, Tony Smith, Paul McGrath and Michael Morris and Rink 6, Roy Radband, Nigel Satchell,        Bernie May and John Hurren battled it out for the highest winning rink. After six ends, rink 5 led 8-0 and rink 6 were leading 14-0 which included a 6. Seven ends later, Morris's rink had picked up two fives but lost three 3's and two singles to lead by seven, whilst Hurren's foursome collected three shots and dropped eight, but held pole position, just. Rink 6 then moved up a gear, picking up eleven shots to one against over the next seven ends to go into the last end 19 shots up at 28-9. Meanwhile Morris's foursome on the rink nextdoor also won six of the next seven ends including a 7 on the 19th leaving them 22 shots up with one end left to play. Hamilton and Verstappen don't know what excitement is! and there was a Chairmans pen hanging on this last end.

Rink 5 five lose 1 shot and win by 21 shots on 34-13. Rink 6 pick up a brace and finish on 30-9, 21 up. It's a stewards enquiry, all down to countback on ends won. Rink 5 fourteen ends, Rink 6 fifteen ends, Radband, Satchell, May and Hurren had won the pens.

If only television had been there to record it all, three hours and 21 ends of sheer nail-biting excitement.

After the game both players and their guests were treated to a hot and tasty meal by the clubs new chef.

The snow on the ground reminding everyone that Christmas was just around the corner.


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Wednesday, 10th of August 2022
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