Leicester City & District Parks BA. 


Our three matches in June started on the 5th with our game against Leicester City & District Parks BA played at Banbury Borough Bowls Club.

The club once again were the perfect hosts, providing a green that was a pleasure to bowl on and an after-match meal up to its usual high standard.

Playing across the green on rink 1, Roy Radband, Deputy Chairman Eddie Dorling back on the green after a long lay off with health issues, Percy Hickman and skip Paul McGrath were always chasing the game after dropping a 6 on the third end. However, ten unanswered shots over seven ends saw them go one up with two to play, but the revival stopped there with them losing the last two ends and the game 18-20.

Ian Whelpton, Bill Pointer, John Hurren and David Lattimore only won eleven of the 21 ends, but steady high scores gave them a comfortable 23-14 win.

Next door on rink 3, Chairman Allan Hunt led for John Stephens, Alan Wase and Chris Cox and it was a struggle as they completed sixteen ends 9-22 down. Three of the last five ends went in their favour with a 5 on the last end making their final scoreline look better at 16-24.

Borough members Gerald Fountain, John McGeough and skip Michael Morris, with Brian Ray at three, scored 24 shots over eight ends including two five's, and were far too strong for their opponents, finishing on 32-9.                                     

On most days a 23 shot win would be enough for the highest winners prize, but on this occasion they finished second to Roger Oliver, Nigel Satchell, Tim Cox and Bernie May, who won fourten of the twenty one ends, picking up a six and a five on their way to a comprehensive 37-9 victory.


Warwickshire Vice Presidents.


Southam Bowling Club, on their new green, hosted our game against Warwickshire Vice Presidents on the 12th. We were met with a warm welcome and a green that everyone only had complimentary remarks to make about.

John Stephens, Ron Havard, Alan Wase and skip David Lattimore found the green very much to their liking, picking up four 4's in their 26-10 win.

Next door to Lattimor'e. rink, Bill Pointer, Nigel Satchell, Brian Clarke and Paul McGrath, provided the comeback you dream about, having finished the noneteenth end 13-24 down. The twentieth end went their way with a four, leaving them needing a full house for victory. NO, they didn't win, but a seven on the last end gave them a draw when all seemed lost.

Allan Hunt, Roger Oliver, Tim Cox and Michael Moris certainly found the green to their liking, winning 14 of their 21 ends on their way to a seventeen shot win, 27-10

Gerald Fountain, Sandra Wase, Ian Whelpton and Alex Fleming had no complaints about the green, but came up against a better foursome  losing 11-19.

John Dunne, Eddie Dorling, Alan Rowe and Chris Weller ran out of steam after seventeen ends in what up to then had been a close game with the scoreline 14-12 in their favour. Two shots on each of the last four ends in Warwickshire's favour took the game their way, winning 20-14.

The after-match meal was appreciated as much as was the green.


Northamptonshire Vice Presidents


Northants VP's took us to Brackley & District BC, which for those of us who live in the north of the county is closer to home than the south-east clubs in Oxfordshire.

We were greeted on arrival with new purpose built changing rooms next to the older indoor green and free tea, coffee and biscuits.

Unfortunately, the welcome from the Northants VP's was not as warm as that of the club, as they turned us over comprehensively.

Roy Radband, John O'Shea, Ian Whelpton and Chris Weller never got to grips with the green and were totally outbowled, winning only five ends in their 7-33 loss.

Harold Jerrard, who kindly came in for us at the eleventh hour, Eddie Dorling, Brian Clarke and Alex Fleming looked as if they were going to suffer a similar defeat, being 6-26 down after fifteen ends. 11 shots over the next four ends brought them to within nine shots of the opposition, but the recover then ceased as they dropped five shots over the last two ends, finally losing 17-31

Rinks 3 and 5, though still losing, had much closer games. Allan Hunt, Ron Havard, John Hurren and Michael Morris won 11 of their 21 ends, including a four on the seventh end. The Northant's rink however managed two fours in their total, which proved to be the difference in their 19-15 win.

An even closer game took place on rink 5 where Brenda Havard, also coming in at the last minute,  Roger Oliver, Tim Cox and skip Chris Cox played in what was definitely a game of two halves. After ten ends, they were 1-13 in arrears but then the game changed, with the Oxfordshire four taking eight of the remaining ends, including a five in their fifteen shot recovery. Unfortunately their efforts proved in vain as they ended losing by two at 16-18.

A whitewash was avoided on the show rink in front of our supporters with Gerald Fountain, John Stephens, Nigel Satchell and Paul McGrath winning their game 24-13. From the fifth end they always held at least a three shot lead and then a five on the nineteenth opened up an eight shot gap, followed by three shots from the last two ends. 




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Wednesday, 10th of August 2022
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